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Monday, May 3, 2010

Mission Journal...

On July 12, 2003, Fr. Michael Montoya, MJ, arrived at Precious Blood Church. He became the administrator pro tem while awaiting the arrival of two other members of the MJ Team-USA. Friends and relatives have offered to help set up the first official mission station of the MJ’s in the US. Noemi Agbayani offered to help fix Fr. Mike’s room. Fr. Johny Zulueta, CM came the next day to the rectory to welcome Fr. Mike.
Fr. Melanio Viuya, Jr., MJ, on mission appeals in the US for the MJ arrived on the 15th of July and accompanied Fr. Mike during the first weeks in the parish.
Already, friends and relatives have begun visiting our residence. Fr. Mike’s family were the first visitors, his brothers Noel and Jonas all helped in fixing the other quarters. They donated furnitures for the other rooms in the house. Parents Deogracias and Aurora, sister Marissa, nephew Arrel, and cousins Sonny and Lut Bognot extended their support too. Some of the Sandiwa members and their families also came to visit - Bong Fermin, Tito, Maribel, Mico and Nina Javier, Tony Panoringan, and George Florendo. Gloria Ongkingko from Mexico also visited the new mission place of the MJ’s. Fr. June Marzan of the Verbum Dei Missionaries has been a constant companion while visiting his parents who are members of the parish of Precious Blood. Dr. Jose de Mesa together with Irma Isip came to visit as well.
On August 7, 2003, Thursday, the two other members of the MJ Team USA, Frs. Melchor Villero, MJ and Gino Santos, MJ arrived at the Bradley International Airport in Los Angeles. They were welcomed by Fr. Mike, Lina and Leo Tamayo, Ely Baradas and Chito Soriano from Precious Blood Parish, Tony Panoringan, George Florendo, and Larry Geronca. Tony and Larry made sure there was food for the instant welcome party (that lasted till 2 am).
Since their arrival, other friends and family members have come to visit. Joe and Vicky David (sister of Fr. Jose
Saplala, MJ) visited us all the way from Hawaii. V-Jay Mendoza (son of Andy and Vel Mendoza) and Cris from Chicago stayed with us for a few days. Maria Crews and family together with Nina Moss from Corona, friends of Fr. Melanio and the MJ’s have also visited us. Fr. Gino’s friends and relatives also came to visit—Lissa Aquino and daughter Mika, friend Doreen, barrio-mate Beth Imus, friends Sonia Agabon, Vicky Ayonon, Dora dela Cruz, Jun del Rosario with wife Cecile and daughter Chelsea, Joseph Riate, Val Creus and relatives Carlito de Leon, Ed Alhambra, Ernie Padaon and wife Edna. Eva, the sister of Fr. Percy Bacani, MJ also paid us a visit. Mr. Arturo Coronel, father of Bro. Ramon Coronel, MJ came with Romeo Coronel one Sunday.
Fr. Boy Makabenta of the Prelature of Infanta, Philippines together with 3 other ex-San Carlos seminarians (Lito Mendoza, Willy Atienza and Romy ….) added to the list
of visitors. Fr. Rom Ramos of the Diocese of Tarlac now working in San Diego together with Fr. Mario Elias from the same diocese and on vacation have come by to visit us. Archie Paderon and Nolan Dangazo, a Columban theology student visited from Chicago.
The CICM’s have also visited us—fresh from Congo, Fr. Andrew Gonzalo and from Guatemala, Fr. Dong Querijero could not resist passing by without saying hello. Fr. Laudimer Mangune from the Archdiocese of Pampanga also visited us. Sr. Mary Clare Amponin from the Puso ng Carmelo Community came with two other friends. Some local clergy from the Archdiocese have visited us as well. Msgrs. Dave O’Connell and Jay Cunnane welcomed us in the Archdiocese. Organizers from the Industrial Areas Foundation have also come by to greet us—Ernie Cortez, Sr. Judy Donovan, and Elizabeth Valdez all were happy to greet us. Sr. Annie Claes, District Superior of the ICM’s came with 2 other ICM sisters.
We have been blessed by God with the families, friends, and collaborators in ministry. They continue to be our partners in mission.

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