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Monday, May 3, 2010

Message from Bro. Ramon Coronel, MJ

The Chinese ideogram for 'forgetfulness' is a composite of two characters -- 'heart' and 'death'. To forget is to have a dead heart, and none of us ever want that, do we?

As we celebrate the anniversary of the Missionaries of Jesus, we remember the man from Nazareth, whose living heart remembers us all the time and, in so doing, keeps our hearts alive, too.

May we keep on trying to do as he did --proclaiming the good news that God is always giving us another chance; being one with the poor in the assurance of God's justice; and praying always to the God who is with us all the time.

To celebrate is to remember ... this is proof that we are all alive in God.

Bro. Ramon Coronel, MJ was a missionary in Taiwan, studied in Louvain, Belgium, was Vice President of SLU and a professor of Systematic Theology in various schools in the Philippines. He is a Council Member of the Missionaries of Jesus.

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