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Monday, May 3, 2010

Message from Fr. Efren “Peng” Reyes, MJ

Assalamu alaicum!

I'm Efren 'Peng' Reyes, MJ working as dialoguer here in the Islamic Capital of the Philippines, Marawi. The Christians are a minority here, around 4%. In the parish where I'm working, it is more than 10%. Moreover, I am also involved in Mindanao Sulu Pastoral Conference-Youth Secretariat as Youth Director since May 2007. More and more, my world revolves around the youth of Mindanao in general and Marawi in particular. They are our Hope and our Present (not only our future) since 53% of the Philippine population comprises of Youth!

Fr. Efren “Peng” Reyes, MJ was a missionary in Congo (Africa). He was Assistant Novice Master in Taytay, Philippines and is presently involved with the Dialogue of Life in Mindanao.

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