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Monday, May 3, 2010

Message from Fr. Stanley Young, MJ

Greetings of peace from MJ Mindanao!

We are one with all of you in this momentous and significant gathering of families and friends of MJ! While the country is in another tumultuous period, we remain steadfast believing that God is disclosing his power and reign as more and more people struggle to uphold the truth and to seek for social justice.

We know you are with us as you are people of the truth. Let us unite our hearts and minds, pray fervently and act conscientiously as friends and disciples of Jesus called ever to be living witnesses of truth, justice and peace. Mabuhay ang pamilyang MJ!

Fr. Stanley Young, MJ was a missionary in Congo (Africa) and was the Rector of the Seminary in New Manila, Philippines. He is the first Pastor of San Miguel Mission Parish in Marahan, Archdiocese of Davao, Philippines.

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