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Monday, May 3, 2010

Message from Fr. Manny Gacad, MJ

“Wind Beneath My Wings” is a lovely song of someone paying tribute to a friend. I cannot but think of the families of each and every member of the Missionaries of Jesus as I recall this song. “Did you ever know that you’re my hero?” This line from that same song, says exactly what our families are to us MJs: they are our heroes. When the struggle was on to make our MJ dream come true … they stood by us, they believed in us … they kept our spirits up!

Six years later, after 2002 when it all began, we continue to be in flight with the wind, strong and constant as ever, beneath our wings! Our families, relatives, friends, and partners are still there breathing out that wind that keeps us on course, on our missionary course, that is! THE JOURNEY GOES ON … thanks to you!

Yes … THE JOURNEY GOES ON …! This is our guiding thought as we celebrate the Family Day this year of the Lord, 2008. As we look back, our hearts are filled with gratitude to say: “What a journey it has been!” However, our hearts are full of longing and excitement as we continue to say: “And what a journey it still is!” All because in this journey, we have with us our families, our friends, our partners … holding us up with their prayers and encouraging us with caring support. Thank You … Maraming Salamat … Gracias … at higit sa lahat: MABUHAY!

Fr. Manny Gacad, MJ was a missionary in Nigeria. He was a formator in the seminaries in the Philippines and studied Liturgy. He is the Superior of the Missionaries of Jesus in the United States of America.

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